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Stay in school donation

Educating children helps reduce poverty. Education provides the next generation neccessary tools to create a better life for themselves and conquer disease. School also offers children a safe environment with support, supervision and socialization. This is why education is our number one priority.

Children of poor income families in Nigeria often drop out of school due to lack of school materials, school fees and environment. You can help make them stay in school by donating to our stay in school program DONATE NOW.


3 x 3 Basketball Competition

It's a fact that sports improves our character, develops team work, self-discipline, coping with disappointment, builds our health, social life and state of mind.You can support us  by donating to our 3 x 3 Basketball Competition 


Sports materials

Football is a tradition in africa, most african kids love playing football. A few with football shoes and many not, a few with football shorts and many not, a few with football shirts and many not. Some don't even have football to play and engaged themselves in other dangerous activities.As an NGO with dreams of making the world a better place we urge you to support us in providing football necessities for the less privilege by donating to Saint Valentine Foundation

Humanitarian and material

Donate to our humanitarian and material provision. Help us build a better community.

Subscription to Saint Valentines Foundation

Do you like what we do and wish to subscribe to a monthly donation to Saint Valentine Foundation please click on the donate button to subscribe for monthly donation.

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